Holding Out On Sex… Chili Talks With Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Sister 2 Sister Magazine..

Chilli on making a guy wait for sex
When you date a person, the whole point of dating is to get to know that person. You getting to know each other is not having sex. [laughs] because when you do that it brings on too much unnecessary stuff that shouldn’t be there yet. You don’t even know this person. If you give yourself some time to know how you guys interact on a friendship level, 9 times out of 10, you will find that you don’t even want to be with that person and they don’t want to be with you. When you have sex early, especially for a woman, it causes you to cling and you think you like this person. No, you really don’t like him; it’s just that you slept with him.

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You can check out the rest of the interview in Sister 2 Sister, on news stands now.

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