50 Cent’s First Interview Post Weight Loss…

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Hot 102.7’s Big Greg copped the first interview with 50 Cent since pics of his tremendous weight loss surfaced online. He lost 60 pounds in 9 weeks for a movie role in which he portrays a college football player suffering from cancer. During the interview, 50 discusses the film which is titled “Things Fall Apart” and current tour. Video and excerpt below:

I just came off of a film project. It was inspired by the lost of my friend growing up. One of my best friends that lived across the street from me. He actually died of cancer and that’s what inspired me to write the screenplay.

There is no way to portray the experience of losing someone that close to you outside of you investing yourself in the project for real. I kind of went through this thing where I was trying to emulate what he looked like to me at that point and that’s what helped me to continue to lose the weight.

I had to do it during my UK Tour. 9 weeks. The third week was crazy and it got hard for me to function. After I got to the third week, it was really hard for me to focus.

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