Alicia Keys-Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) & The Subject of Race

The subject of race has come up a lot during recent political debates over health care and immigration laws. Without tackling those subjects directly, Keys makes her own statement about racial tension in this engaging, four-minute video costarring One Tree Hill actor Chad Michael Murray.

Keys' character finds herself in the middle of conflict between her brother and the white man (Murray) she is seeing. It implies that her family is not accepting of interracial dating.

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Keys and director Jake Nava portray the story in two different eras: modern day and the '60s. Sadly, there is little contrast between the two narratives because discrimination still exists. It calls attention to the ongoing fight for civil rights.

Via Billy Johnson Jr

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  1. This video is sweet.....i like the concept i probably would have thought something very different but this was intresting. THumbs Up!!!!! Alicia Keys